In a remote place, unique roots:
the Augusto Coli farm.

Established in 2016, the Augusto Coli Agricultural Company is based in Compignano and its primary purpose is to provide work to young people in the area, while supporting the activities of the Compignano Foundation.


A contemporary project for valuable products.


The Augusto Coli Agricultural Company is an Umbrian company founded in Compignano in 2016 and specialized in the eco-sustainable production and sale of high quality natural genuine foods for personal well-being.

Our goal is to make available to everyone the healthiest and most beneficial nature can offer, through the research and development of excellent food products.

For this reason, in 2019 we created the CUM GRATIA brand. Our ambition is to look after everything the world looks at with admiration, to preserve its beauty and increase the quality of life.

Azienda Agricola Augusto Coli ha sede a Compignano, in Umbria
This is the Augusto Coli farm

Here we speak the language of nature


It will also be one of the oldest professions in human history, but agriculture knows no brakes to modernization. Brilliant business ideas that combine a deep knowledge of the subject with a new vision of the sector.


In continuous evolution as a start-up, as young people we are increasingly interested in making this work of primary importance more technological. The topic of nutrition cannot be separated from in-depth studies on new techniques and technologies to create profitable and cutting-edge crops.


A new, great challenge awaits us for the sustainability of our activities, but above all for the survival of our planet. Our mantra is to empower the rural community to promote economic diversification and the smooth functioning of the ecosystem.


A few decades ago, this would have been unthinkable! Increase the productivity, efficiency and adaptability of plants and production systems to cope with rapidly changing climatic / environmental conditions and increasingly limited natural resources.


By promoting the diversification of economic activities, we want to ensure adequate relations between our rural and urban areas. To facilitate research and the exchange of knowledge, demonstrating and disseminating a virtuous way that can be an example.


One cannot cope with social, environmental, climatic and economic changes alone, both locally and globally. We continue to believe in the strength of the dreams of united people, especially because we believe in the greatness that lies in knowing how to say “thank you”.

Here are the offices of the Augusto Coli Agricultural Company!

Un panorama della valle su cui insistono i terreni di proprietà di Azienda Agricola Augusto Coli

The Team of the Augusto Coli Farm

Beautiful people are the soul of Cum Gratia. In Compignano there are generous people who have rediscovered and made their own the inestimable value of being onecohesive community. Persistent people who have never abandoned or betrayed the idea of living and giving life to their village. Active people who are committed on a daily basis.

We work hard and never give up: our team is generous and cheerful, because it has so many projects to carry out! With a proud and combative spirit, we welcome visions even different from ours and we are a team that never backs down in the face of sacrifices. We have energy to spare!