GREETINGS CUM GRATIA AMELIO Honey [With 2 jars of 260g AMELIO honey as a gift 1 jar of 50g honey]



  • Superior Italian honey
  • Liquid extract from honeycombs with cold centrifugation
  • Not subjected to thermal storage treatments



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General Presentation: ITALIAN WILDFLOWERS HONEY done with nectar from the hills of Compignano, Perugia province, Umbria region. Superior quality honey, extracted liquid from beams by cold centrifugation, not subjected to thermal storage treatments. Our bees, settled in the “Paradiso delle Api”, are organically raised, the company is in biological conversion since 2018. In three years we will have officially certified our “organic honey” of the highest quality, since all the surrounding crops are biological.
Typology: As in all the wildflower honeys it is difficult to determine the exact composition of the blooms, we can say that the prevailing blooms are heather and leguminous, among which sainfoin, sulla, alfalfa; we point out the presence of sunflower.
Production Area: Loc. Fecciaine in Compignano, Monte Lagello (province of Perugia, Umbria region).
Production plant: corporate, located in Loc. Fecciaine, Compignano.
Harvest period: from May to September.
Annual production: 10 quintals

Colour: medium amber.
Appearance: homogeneous, partially crystallized, fine crystals.
Aroma (olfactory analysis): pleasantly fruity and warm, caramelized, extraordinary fresh notes that recall our woods.
Taste (sensory analysis): intense, enveloping and caramelized with spicy notes, recalls winter desserts and warm convivial atmospheres.
STORAGE: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources, trying to avoid strong temperature changes.
GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: ideal as a table honey, to sweeten herbal teas and foods or in the preparation of desserts. Combined with cow’s milk cheeses or seasoned pecorino cheeses it can really astound, not surprisingly milk and honey were considered by the ancients “the food of the Gods”.

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Elegante vaso in vetro quadro, con tappo tondo. Confezione singola in cartone antiurto, stampata a colori.

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Scatola 12 confezioni in cartone polionda bianco, personalizzata con grafica AMELIO® CUM GRATIA®

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Since its establishment, the Augusto Coli Agricultural Company has focused on new eco-compatible business models that aim to establish a healthy and sustainable food system in these lands. Through the transition to sustainable practices for the full implementation of organic farming interventions to be distributed under the Cum Gratia® brand , the Augusto Coli Agricultural Company has also chosen to contribute to tracing the destiny of food made in Compignano. Cum Gratia® is therefore proud to support projects and initiatives implemented by the Compignano Foundation whose objectives it shares, allocating part of the profits to them as well as promoting their knowledge and promotion.